Cheese, Beer & Wine Pairings

Cheese, Beer & Wine Pairings

Picking the right wine & beer to go with your cheese board

Whether you prefer a glass of vino or a craft brew, we’ve got a cheese pairing option for you.

Our most important tip for matching cheese with beer or wine is to match the flavour profile of the cheese with the flavour profile of the beer or wine. So, for example you would generally pair lighter cheeses with light bodied wines and beers, and the more robust cheeses with more intense flavoured beers and wines.

To help get you off on the right track we’ve created a helpful list of our top wine, beer and cheese pairings.

But before we jump into the pairings, one final tip from us: Let your cheese reach room temperature before serving (about 30 minutes out of the fridge). This will allow you to experience all the flavour notes and textures of your cheese.

Ok, on to the pairings…

Which beer and wine goes with parmesan cheese?

Pair Parmesan cheese with a Pinot Gris OR an IPA!

Which beer and wine goes with parmesan cheese

Our favourite combination:

Symons Organic Parmesan with a The Other Wine Co. Pinot Gris or a Balter IPA

The Symons Organic Parmesan has a traditional ‘grana’ texture and a clean, sweet, lingering flavour. The crumbly texture, salty bite and mild matured flavour will match well with a Pinot Gris. We recommend the low yield, hand-picked; The Other Wine Co. Pinot Gris. The salty flavour of the cheese will complement the clean pear and citrus notes while having a crisp acid backbone to break up the oily texture. However, if you prefer a beer, the Balter IPA is a good choice and will soften the sharpness of the parmesan with its clean hoppy base.

Which beer and wine goes with cheddar cheese?

Pair Cheddar cheese with a Chardonnay OR a Pilsner!


Our favourite combination:

Cheddarbelle Cheddar with a Paul Conti Chardonnay or a Stella Artois Pilsner

Cheddarbelle Cheddar is a 9-month-old handmade crumbly cheddar, but don’t let its age fool you. For a young cheddar it has a wise flavour profile. The flavour is pleasantly shar. The rich and creamy buttery flavour of the cheddar makes a good pairing with Paul Conti Chardonnay. The crisp and fruity wine enhances the creaminess and sweetness of the young cheddar. Now when choosing a beer with this cheddar you’ll want to match it with a Stella Artois Pilsner. The slight bitterness and spicy flavours from Saaz hops complement the cheddar’ smooth and milder taste.

Which beer and wine goes with brie?

Pair Brie cheese with a Pinot Noir or a Session Ale


Our favourite combination:

Udder Delights Double Cream Brie with a Philip Shaw Wirewalker Pinot Noir

The Udder Delights Double Cream Brie has delicious added cream. This Brie is best enjoyed with a softer red like a Pinot Noir, or session ale style beer. We recommend Philip Shaw Wirewalker Pinot Noir to introduce some savoury spice and jammy flavours to bring out the Brie’s earthiness. Session ale beers like Stone and Wood Pacific Ale with citrus hops will open up the flavour of the cheese with its bubbles whilst keeping it light so that the creaminess doesn’t become too indulgent.

Which beer and wine goes with blue cheese?

Pair blue cheese with a tawny or a porter


Our favourite combination:

Divine Dairy Organic Blue Cheese with a De Bortoli 8-Year-Old Tawny or a Yulli’s Fat Nerd Vanilla Porter Can.

The best beer and wine to pair with blue cheeses are the sweeter ones. Divine Dairy Organic Blue Cheese has a salty and creamy taste that melds so well with the sweetness of a porter like Yulli’s Fat Nerd Vanilla Porter with its creamy darkness and big vanilla bean hit. The De Bortoli 8-Year-Old Tawny is also a great choice for blue cheese with its aromas of ripe dark fruit, nuts and barrel aged characteristics.

And that’s a wrap on our wine, beer and cheese pairings. Whether you’re enjoying afternoon nibbles, starting off a dinner party or winding down after a delicious meal, impress your family & friends by grabbing one of our recommended selections online today.